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By Sandra From (Sicklerville, NJ)
I love this card!! I have saved money on my manicures and pedicures 20% at the location I go and I cannot believe how easy it is to use. I now take my car to the car wash that takes the card and I cannot forget the dry-cleaners. This card is amazing and in todayís economy who does not like to save $$$

By Joy From (Malaga, NJ)
My VIP card is great! I just used it to get a discount on a 5-week tanning session at Beauty and Bronze!

By Catherine From (Sicklerville, NJ)
VIP dining has already paid for it-self in less than 2 weeks! It is so easy to use and I now will make it a point to only go to places that take it. Looking forward to my next saving adventure!

By Peter Fury From (Vineland, NJ)
Greatest thing I ever got. Everyone should get one . You get great savings at so many nice places.

By dawn From (newfield, new jersey)
just used my card for the first time great savings very easy to get info. cant wait to use it at differnt places.

By Sandra Fenske From (upper pittsgrove township, NJ)
I have used my card several times this yr. I have saved about a hundred dollars so far. Great deals!

By John From (Vineland, NJ)
This is some serious savings! Thanks VIP Dining Card!

By Jamie Pepper From (Seabrook, NJ)
I am always weary to try "discount cards" but VIP Dining Card has proved me wrong. I have had my card now for 5 months and I use it everywhere. I even used it on my wedding day for my limo service :) I would recomend this card to any business person who is on the go alot or any family that just wants to simply save money. The variety of local business that accept this card is phnemonial !! Thank you VIP Dining and ENGLISH SEPTIC for my card.

By John Schneider From (Pittsgrove, NJ)
I've been using my VIP Dining Card since October and have saved over $200! Businesses are glad to receive it. We had a Neptune combination platter and made our money back the first time we dined. This card is a great way to save money all year long.

By Victoria Garcia From (Vineland, NJ)
I've had my card for almost 2 years now, and I always use it if a place accepts it. I have saved over $100 using my card, and I will continue being a faithful user of it.

By David From (Vineland, NJ)
I have been using my VIP Dining Card less than 2 weeks and already it has paid for itself 4 times over. I enjoyed great food, great savings and a great variety of choices with my VIP Dining Card. I am one of the New Breed of Consumers who will never pay full price again!!! I don't know how I survived before The VIP Dining Card came into my life! I highly recommend getting this card and using the website! Then go to the Bank with all the money you save! Thank you VIP Dining Card! You save me money as I eat like a King !!!

By Cece From (vineland, New Jersey)
I Got Ma New Vip Dininq Card; It's Great! Thanks(:

By chris From (vineland, new jersey)
yo ATTENTION all non money savers! This is a vip card member saying you MUST get this card for reel. I love this card! It got me a free bowling game at loyale lanes in vineland and even got me a discount at usana for paintballing! THANKS VIPDININGCARD! ur my best money saver and friend.

By Pauline From (Vineland, NJ)
I really enjoy my VIP Card. The website has so many features and is easy to use. Iíve had my card for less than three weeks and Iíve saved enough money to pay for it. This card was one good investment. Thank You VIP.

By Bill From (Vineland, NJ)
I really like my card. I went to get a hair cut and pizza next door and saved $6.00. Thank you VIP.

By Steve From (Vineland, NJ)
I love my VIP Card !!! I've only had it for two weeks and I've already saved more than I paid for it! The web site is easy to use and gave me many ideas on new places to go. Thank you VIP Dining Card.

By Emily From (Newfeild, NJ)

By Jett From (Millville, NJ)
I think the VIP Dining Card is a great way to beat the costs and still go out the nicer places found thru VIP Dining. My Card has paid for itself already and I still have almost a year to and still great savings. Thank you VIP Dining! More and more of my favorite places are now part of the VIPs many members. Always good to know I can go back and enjoy lots and always pay less!

By TOM From (Vineland, NJ)
I really like my new vip card. Its an awsome site!Cant wait to tell peeps about it.

By Jeanne From (Newfield, NJ)
This card is one of the best investments you can make for yourself and family . Some of my favorite resaurants and buisnesses offer discounts with the card that is easy to carry in my wallet . Since it is always in my wallet I don't need to worry about not getting a discount , because I forgot my coupons at home . This past year I saved hundreds of dollars with my card and am looking forward to seeing how much I save next year. Thank you VIP !

By Doug From (Vineland, NJ)
This VIP Card is really awsome! It's better than I had expected. Paul and the VIP staff are very helpful. LONG LIVE VIP !!!!!

By Freddy Kaloe From (Vineland, NJ)
Oh my goodness, this "VIP" dining card is amazing! Definitely worth the money!!! Everywhere I eat I've been seeing the sticker in the door, and I've seen the billboards, and I felt like I needed it so I came to this website and got one. Totally outstanding! Also the video on this website sold me...and I also know what I'm buying as Christmas presents this year!

By ken From (millville, n.j.)
this card is great-it will pay for its self after a couple visits-a good way to save some money and nice people to deal with-paul hooked us up

By Jeanne From (Newfield, NJ)
The Sweet Life Bakery is like a home away from home . We always feel welcomed with the friendly service. The staff is knowledgable about the menu and patient with the indecisive customer . The food / bakery items are just yummy . We look forward to our next visit . Thanks for being a VIP business !!!

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